Frequently Asked Questions

What are the nutritional values of your chocolate?

Typical Values per 100g
Banana & Cocnut Goji & Pistachio Hazelnut & Blackcurrant Mint
Energy 2040kj 1980kj 1880kj 1970kj
Energy 488kcal 474kcal 450kcal 471kcal
Protein 6.2g 8.0g 7.0g 7.0g
Fat 30.1g 27.9g 26.9g 27g
Of which Saturates 21.1g 15.3g 14.3g 17g
Carbohydrate 47.3g 47.6g 44.1g 49.5g
Of which sugars 28.0g 27.1g 24.7g 27.1g
Sodium 0.025g 0.028g 0.026g 0.029g

What ingredients do you use?

Coconut & Banana

CACAO SOLIDS 40% MINIMUM (Cacao mass, cacao butter) yacon, dark agave, chewy banana (9.9%), virgin coconut oil, lucuma, desiccated coconut, maca

Goji Berry & Pistachio

CACAO SOLIDS 45% MINIMUM (Cacao mass, cacao butter) yacon, dark agave, lucuma, pistachio kernels, goji berries, maca

Hazenut & Blackcurrant

CACAO SOLIDS 41% MINIMUM (Cacao mass, cacao butter) yacon, dark agave, hazelnuts, blackcurrants, lucuma, maca, rose petals


CACAO SOLIDS 49% MINIMUM (Cacao mass, cacao butter) yacon, dark agave, lucuma, maca, peppermint oil

All our ingredients are ORGANIC.

Allergens: See ingredients underlined.

Where is your chocolate sourced?

Our pure breed theobroma criollo chocolate grows in a Peruvian region of the Amazon Rainforest in South America. It is grown by a single cooperative of farmers in a single valley, ensuring only one strain of bean is used.

Is your chocolate fairly traded?

Yes. It is honest, sustainable and simply the right thing to do. All our products are traded with healthy and fair margins reaching all those involved with production and distribution. This works through cooperatives of local farmers and supply chains in each area the products are grown. We pay the right price, enabling our farmers on the ground to run their farms organically and without pressure from their buyers.



Is your chocolate free from refined sugars?

100%. We use a balanced blend of natural sugars from yacon and agave plants. Yacon scores a remarkable >5 on the Glycemic Index, whilst agave comes in ‘low’ with 35 (anything below 55 is considered low). They are low because these fruits reach our chocolate in a natural state, still surrounded by the carbohydrate and protein content required for a balanced breakdown of the sugars.

Gone are the days of chocolate representing a sugar rush. These are not empty calories, and the sugars are not merely additives to enhance flavour.

Is your chocolate suitable for:

Yes. The Vegan Society has certified all our products.

Lactose intolerants?

Yes. Dairy would inhibit the beneficial elements of our chocolate, so we don’t use it.




Whilst each diabetic case is different, our chocolate is more suitable than most chocolates to be trialled by a diabetic. We use yacon and agave to sweeten our choc because these have a very small effect on our bodies’ blood sugar levels. We also use them because they give a naturally clean flavour and unique texture. Agave registers 35 on the Glycemic Index. Yacon registers below 5, and when you consider that anything below 55 is considered low, yacon is extremely low.

Nut allergies?

We do use pistachios and hazelnuts in our kitchen. Although our Mint and our Banana & Coconut are technically free from nut allergy ingredients, it is important to note they are made in a kitchen which does handle nuts.

Is it free from gluten and soy?


What is yacon?

A syrup derived from the roots of the yacon plant and native to Peru. This vegetable grows up to 2m tall between spring and autumn whilst storing nutrients inside its tubers under the soil in preparation for winter. By harvesting in the late autumn the radish-like tubers (sweet, crunchy and watery) can be eaten as a vegetable or pressed into syrup at relatively low temperatures.

Yacon scores exceptionally low on the Glycemic Index at <5; this means it won’t cause a sharp rise or fall in your blood sugar. It is also low in calories and a strong source of antioxidants. It is known to contain healthy bacteria, which encourage healthy intestinal flora and digestion. It gives our chocolate a unique flavour and texture.

What is lucuma?

An increasingly well-known superfood, lucuma is the sub-tropical fruit of the Pouteria Lucuma Tree, native to Peru. Lacuma powder delivers an abundance of healthy benefits. It is a positive source of antioxidants, fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

What is agave?

Agave syrup is extracted at low temperatures from the cactus-like agave plant native to Mexico. Like yacon it scores low on the GI at 35. It is rich in vitamins B, C, D and E, as well as calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, chromium, and selenium.

What is maca?

Maca powder is another Peruvian superfood. It’s packed with micronutrients, enzymes and all the essential amino acids. No wonder it is increasingly popular in Chinese medicine.

Is your chocolate organic?

Organic farming is a key element of fair trade and sustainability. All our products are certified 100% organic by The Soil Association.

How is the chocolate prepared and packaged?

our products are produced on our premises under 42o C so we have complete control of the process. Our pieces are hand-cut and packaged manually, and heat sealed by us before they leave the building.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our cardboard packaging is 100% recycled material, and FSC accredited.

How much is postage?

Purchases made through our website will have £2.25 added to cover postage. Free postage will be applied to orders over £20.

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